NATGRO | #InnovationMonth: Hit the ‘sweet spot’ and you’ll get your investors
NATIONAL BUSINESS GROWTH SPECIALISTS (Pty) Ltd, or NatGro as we are better known, is an independent business consultancy firm with a truly practical approach.
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#InnovationMonth: Hit the ‘sweet spot’ and you’ll get your investors

#InnovationMonth: Hit the ‘sweet spot’ and you’ll get your investors

The SA Innovation Summit was an explosion of, well, ideas and innovation. One talk that particularly intrigued me was one by Tmara (Target Market Adoption Risk Assessment).

The presentation was led by Tmara co-founder, Henning du Preez, who focussed on a different, more effective way for startups to attract funding.

This is is imperative for startups because, as the head of Nedbank says:

My motto has definitely become ‘I choose what to say no to, long before I choose what to say yes to.

Du Preez showed how Tmara is helping both the startup and investor to know if and when the business will hit product market fit (PMF) and attract the right investment, at the right time, for the right purpose (the sequential stages towards achieving PMF).

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